Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ralph Reed Hurting Sonny Perdue's bid for Governor

From the Peach Pundit

GEORGIA. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows Governor Sonny Perdue (R) is rapidly losing his numerical advantage. Last month, Perdue held leads of 20-points over either Secretary of State Cathy Cox (D) or Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor (D). The new numbers: Perdue-49%, Cox-41% … and Perdue-51%, Taylor-41%. Political pundits are already attributing Perdue’s decline to the steady stream of news articles in recent weeks that closely link GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate and former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed with corrupt DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff. “The Democrats, radical left, and dominant media have made numerous unfair personal attacks against Ralph,” claims Reed’s campaign. Professor Marvin Olasky — the close associate of President Bush who conceived the “compassionate conservative” concept — said Reed “has damaged Christian political work by confirming for some the stereotype that evangelicals are easily manipulated and that evangelical leaders use moral issues to line their own pockets.” Some Republican activists worry Reed’s continued presence on the statewide GOP ticket could potentially doom Perdue to an upset loss. Race rating: GOP Favored (but on the verge of slipping into the “Leans GOP” category).

Oh no!
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