Thursday, June 22, 2006


Report: Ralph Reed's 'political concerns' diverted payments

Candidate for lt. governor worked with Indian tribes to protect gambling interests

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has just released their report entitled Gimme Five - Investigation of Tribal Lobbying Matters.

Open report and do search for Ralph Reed to narrow down document.

AJC article.

Houston Chronicle

Here is the summarized facts and Reed’s spin all in 4 paragraphs.
Houston Chronicle
“”The report also highlighted the work of former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed on behalf of Indian gambling interests. Reed, seeking the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor in Georgia, was paid more than $4 million by two tribes between March 2001 and February 2002, the report said. The money was sent through intermediaries to satisfy Reed’s concern that he not be linked to Indian casinos, the report said.
Reed, a longtime friend of Abramoff, received the bulk of the credit for shutting down the Tigua’s casino, a campaign carried out to benefit another Abramoff client’s gambling operations.
In a statement, Reed said, “The report confirms that I have not been accused of any wrongdoing.”
Reed said he was assured he would not be paid with money derived from gambling. “While I believed at the time that those assurances were sufficient, it is now clear with the benefit of hindsight that this is a piece of business I should have declined,” Reed said.”"

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