Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Reed Tries to Buy Election With Lobbyist Fees

Watchdog Group Blasts Reed For Using Christian Groups As Fronts For Abramoff's Clients

WASHINGTON, July 11 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Today Campaign Money Watch questioned Ralph Reed about where the $500,000 he loaned his campaign for lieutenant governor of Georgia came from.
According to Campaign Money Watch, Reed made millions of dollars as a lobbyist for American Indian casinos and the Northern Marianas Islands, where employers forced female employees to become prostitutes and to have abortions if they became pregnant. He used Christian organizations as front groups for his lobbying activity paid for by disgraced, convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clients.
"Ralph Reed spun his relationships with Christian organizations into personal gold by using them as fronts for convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's sleazy clients," said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. "Now he's taken that money to try to buy the election. Campaign Money Watch will tell voters exactly where he got it: Lobbying against legislation that would have protected female workers from being forced to have abortions and to become prostitutes."
"Thousands of Georgia voters have already responded to our demand that Reed once and for all release the complete list of who he lobbied for and how much he made. But what is already known should be evidence enough: Ralph Reed values cash and little else," said Donnelly.
Campaign Money Watch is a national nonpartisan watchdog group that holds politicians publicly accountable for doing favors for their big money supporters. It ran a radio ad linking Reed to Abramoff's casino clients earlier this election.

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